Why Branson Tours and Travel

About Us

Branson Tours and Travel is an indigenous-owned and managed company providing tours and travel related services in Kenya and the East African region at large. The company was started with the major aim of providing tours & safaris in all areas of economical class - individuals, families, groups, incentives & conferences. At Branson we provide quality tours & safaris at affordable prices and do more- our services are unique!

Our Mission Statement

We have a responsibility to keep a friendly relationship by listening and understanding our clients' needs and providing excellent and timely services that guarantee your comfort, as we maintain professionalism and high standards of customer service that assures dignity to our clients.

BRASON TOURS AND TRAVEL is a member of “Kenya Tourism Federation” KTF emergency communication center. We are also members of Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO)

Comprehensive range of safari Itineraries and other related Services
Backed by professionalism and many years of experience, our staffs are well conversant in arranging safaris, and know how to plan the best and most dramatic itineraries. Branson is not left behind when it comes to Air travel services. Being one stop shop, we offer other services including Cab Services, Car hire and general transport. We also offer tours to suit individuals, families, groups, incentives and conferences. The company maintains its own website www.branson-travel.com, offering complete range of safari programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Competitive Prices
BRANSON TOURS AND TRAVEL believes sincerely in providing great products at a good price. Our prices are very competitive considering all of our services as offered. We offer the most competitive prices for all  our services without compromising high standard quality in all aspects.

High Standard accommodation
We select only the finest hotels, lodges and camps in the cities and out in the bush. Each thoughtfully chosen to reflect not only our own high standards, but also the spirit of the itinerary in which it is used. We also bear in mind customer preference and satisfaction at all times

Quality transportation with guaranteed window seats
On safari window seat is guaranteed for each client maintain as we maintain minimum number of clients in our tour vehicles.   Each minivan or 4x4  cruiser has a mobile HF radio, cool box, reference books, and binoculars, First-Aid Kit. Our cost for minibus or 4x4 cruisers includes the services of driver-guide. All vehicles are always maintained and kept at excellent standards.
Trained guides and Meet-greet staff
One of the single, most important aspect of traveling through any country is the quality of the guides. Their knowledge, experience and companionship can make any trip truly magical and incredibly enriching. Every tour has a driver-guide who meets the clients at the airport, and be with them for the rest of their tour arrangements.

Each driver-guide has been taught not only safe driving, but also the Geography, History and Tribal laws in Africa. All speak English, and second international language and have initially trained at the prestigious Utalii Tourism College in Nairobi and other approved colleges. Training is on going and all driver-guides and Safari guides are continuously updated in the fields of wildlife, photography, first-aid, vehicle safe driving and maintenance, conservation techniques, and language studies etc. The company encourages internal competitivesness where driver guides have a chance to further trained by the Kenya Wildlife Service where they accorded medal grading according to performance.

Unsurpassed personal Services
Our clients are met at the Airport by our representative, and similarly seen off on departure. At the Hotel a knowledgeable host or hostess will assist with their check-in and safari briefing. He/ She will be available for them whenever they are in cities to help with shopping, appointments and packing. Should you wish us to protect your identity, especially in programs tours and safaris, this can easily be arranged. Airport representative and host/hostess will wear your badge or uniform, itineraries will be typed on your headed paper, and your identification stickers will be placed on our minivans.

Continuous quality Control
Branson Tours and Travel is devoted to real quality control, and ensures that all services are kept at the highest possible standards through departmental leadership. These include consultants, drivers, vehicles, representatives, air tickets our and safari planning and accommodation in hotels/ lodges and camps, conference facilitation and handling among others.

Supporting conservation efforts and more
The Company is concerned about the continuing pressures eroding the fragile wildlife ecosystems in Africa, and in this regard BRANSON TOURS AND TRAVEL fully supports goals and efforts of recognized conservations institutions. As such we also engage local communities in the various parts of the country in supporting and sustaining our environment through conservation efforts.
We intend to be on the forefront with regard to responsible tourism. We will spare no efforts in maintaining and protecting the natural environment as well as support and respect the local culture. Of critical importance in respect to corporate is essentially to engage in four main areas hence reducing the negative impact of tourism locally by observing the following:
-To ensure that there is working terms and conditions within the working fraternity in the tourist sector
-Climate change impact mitigation by creating awareness in all.
- Support of the efforts on conservation and safeguard water catchment areas.
-Support and promotion of tourism in the areas given less attention like the western circuit
-Support government and other agencies and institutions in protecting children and adolescents from sexual abuse and exploitation and general gender bias

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