African Tours- Introduction

Africa: The Word alone conjures up a vision of a landscape dotted with acacia stretching as far as the eye can see, covered with vast herds of elephants, giraffes and wildebeest. There is a history both natural and man-made, going back to the beginning of time.

We believe that a safari should be more than a drive through the game parks. With Nature Expeditions Africa, you will do more than just visit Africa, you will experience Africa.

Within these pages you will find a selection of safari itineraries and travel options incorporating all the principle attractions of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, , Seychelles, south Sudan and Rwanda. With time we intent to extent our operation to the South Africa region. We however under take travel program to the rest of Africa. You may choose to use one of the itineraries, perhaps adding additional services, or combine several to suit your needs. Either way, Branson tours and travel expert staff will be delighted to help at any stage of the process in coordinating your choice of safaris.

Finally, tourism is a major contributor to job and economic development and we at Branson are committed to contributing towards recognized conservation efforts in Eastern Africa.

Africa is the vacation that never ends. Give us a Call!!!

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Tour: African Tours- Introduction

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