Branson Tours and Travel are in partnership with all individual hotels and hotel chains in Kenya. We have extended our operations and hence such partnership with the hotels in the East Africa States and beyond. It is on the basis of this mutual agreement and understanding that we guarantee the best and quality accommodation in any part of the country and the East Africa region at very competitive rates. But our working partnership is not limited to this region but to rest of the world- as we are in laiason with other players in the hospitality industry the world over.

Our competent and highly experienced consultants are duly knowledgeable in hotel and lodge facilities and the respectives standards.They are akin to the various seasons as dictated by the climatic conditions other than the economic variances. More importantly they are well informed of the facilities and the rates thereof irespective of the seasons and/or economic imbalance.

Our Tours, safaris and Conference operations depend immensely on the contractual agreements we have with hotels, lodges and hotel chains. Branson Tours and Travel will ensure that you get the best value for your money as per your request.

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