5 Days Wilderness Trekking In Nguruman with Maasai

Walk through Maasai territory accompanied by Maasai guides. They lead you
and carry all trips supplies. An enriching experience of remarkably
spectacular scenery and the unique Maasai culture, with an added opportunity
for game walk.
NOTE: Only on request!

Day 1:
Depart from Nairobi at 0900hrs and drive along the edge of the
escarpment from where you enjoy good views of the Great Rift Valley with its
volcanic mountains and softly rolling hills at vantage points. Drive on into
the Loita hills and to the Masai village of Morijo where you meet local
Maasai guides. Afternoon short hike into the forest Masai insights into
their wilderness tactics.
Dinner and overnight---------------------------------------------------Bush

Day 2:
Pack the provisions and follow the guides into the hills occasionally
meeting Maasai herdsmen and their cattle. After about 5 hours walk you come
to the banks of Alasur Stream. This is a great place for bird lovers, many
species flock the river canopy growing along the stream.
Dinner and overnight-----------------------------------------------Bush Camp

Day 3:
Take a 5-6 hours side hike into the forest on the edge of Ngurumani
Escarpment into a waterfall plunging deep into the Rift Valley. A
breathtaking view of the valley 1500 feet below. This is another 2-3 hour
down and up the waterfalls most suited for energetic hikers. Return to
continue to arrive at Olturodo to set camp in the afternoon. An easier
option is to take a milder 3-4 hours trek into the forest to study medicinal
plants, traditionally used by the Maasai, combined with birds and game
spotting en route to the camp.
Dinner and overnight------------------------------------------------Bush

Day 4:
Depart early and hike through the forest for 4-5 hours passing many
water holes where itís possible to see wild animals. In the trees are
colobus monkeys with spectacular black and white coats. Arrive at Olaeni
Stream for overnight.
Dinner and overnight-----------------------------Bush camp near Olaeni

Day 5:
Walk for 4-5 hours through local farms and villages. During the walk
You’ll be amazed at the differences in peopleís lifestyles. People of Bantu
origin have interacted with the local inhabitants of the area and are
utilizing the cool waters from the Nguruman escarpment for hoticulture in a
small area at the base of the escarpment. At Entasobia you are picked up for
transfer back to Nairobi via Lake Magadi.

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Tour: 5 Days Wilderness Trekking In Nguruman with Maasai

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